Dysmenorrhea is KILLING ME right now (sorry for such a rude intro today, guys). I woke up today feeling great at around 6am, but by the time the clock struck 7, I could not breathe properly. Took a shower to see if that would alleviate the pain, but apparently, it just made me worse and cold. Not a great combo if you ask me. Bummer. 

However, my time of pain has led me to surf the web for an entire day, reviving my long-forgotten Tumblr and my often neglected WeHeartIt accounts. Suffice to say, today was quite productive on the "I-don't-care-about-life" end of the spectrum.

I've always had to share a room since the apartments we rent only have two (and if there's a third, it's used for storage) bedrooms - one for us and one for our helper/s. If I did have a room all to myself, I have chosen to get inspiration from the following interior designs. (Here's to that hope of getting that picturesque top to bottom glass windows and a huge amount of sunlight for those awesome Instagram flat-lays.)

I just LOVE the wall color in this room! The chair and carpeted floor are just bonuses to this whole room. I can definitely imagine myself just chilling in that corner by the window. 

I am IN LOVE with lights. I've done the same thing to my work station a few years before, but since it required dusting and maintenance (and the fact that I'm less on my PC than my mac), I took it down. A combination of cotton candy pink, white, and bright lights give me a warm, fuzzy feeling.  I feel like I might be doing less work here though, haha.

Have I mentioned that my #floorgoals are similar to this one? The lighting is perfect for photo shoots of my artwork and other things, and the amount of pink and grey on this arrangement looks so fresh to me. When I do get my own room, I'll be sure to consider the floor in this one. For sure.

Another Instagram-perfect lighting setup. The bed looks so comfortable! I mean, I like my bed right now, but do you even consider waking up to this? The photo grid on the wall is a perfect addition to the room, and - again - the lights by the window. White plays a crucial part to this - it makes me want to stay productive, you know?

As I said before, pink, white, and grey look SO good together. I'm not sure about the floor in here though, but that framed photo on the wall momentarily took the spotlight. So far, a common trait in all the bedrooms/workspaces is the amount of sunlight getting in. 

Do I hear a "typical designer setup" shout? I got sold on the lamp design on the wall. I'd want to have the table larger and wider for all my things plus PC and the mac, and maybe a lightbox built-in somewhere. Adding a wall clock would make this better for me, I think.

Yasss. Though I'd rather have an ocean or a forest as my view, this isn't so bad! I'm sure it has plenty of light during the mornings, and it displays a cool show of lights during the evenings. I'd put a lamp there on the left (pink, of course), and sheer curtains instead of dark ones. Oh, and perhaps a white table.

THE FLOOR. And the lights. I'm getting boho-chic vibes right here. There's more blue here, but it's not so bad! Of course, I'd rather have touches of pink instead, haha! The dreamcatcher on the right just settles everything.

There are heaps more interior designs I want to incorporate into my future personal space, but these are so far the closest to what I'm imagining it to look like. Just thinking about the future gets me all giddy and bubbly inside! 

I'd love to see some of your dream bedroom designs or work spaces!