Who doesn't want their own crib? Ever since I've had the right to live alone (and I will in the near future, once I save up to get a place of my own), I've been attracted to browsing the internet for interior design inspiration for all parts of the house, most specifically the living room, garden, and the bedroom.

It's one of those wishes that I hope to will be my reality before I reach my 30's (yikes - 5 years to go), and I'm getting excited and more aggressive in figuring out what I really want for my future place. There are so many amazing designs to choose to emulate, so I've gathered 10 of my favorite living room arrangements that might also help you see what it is you want. For this post, our focus will be on modern, airy designs.

I love indirect lighting, especially when shooting flat-lays. If I'm going to be living alone, I don't want to feel suffocated inside my own space, so having a lot of big, glass windows that allow the sunlight to seep through will definitely help me with that.

I also love the wood used in the flooring. Not sure if they're just tiles or actual wooden boards, but it fits well with the walls, carpet, and sofa. Wood and marble have always been perfect for each other as far as I'm concerned.

Green accents in the form of plants (real ones I hope) are a great addition, especially when the design is very industrial and modern. It's a pleasant break from the brown-grey-black hues.


Goodness, I love wood. Maybe it's because I've never lived in a house with real wood accents (marble and ceramic tiles were always present), but I simply adore the personality it adds to a space. The mix of wood and stone have done wonderfully for this second design.

It looks warm, inviting, soft, and safe to lounge in. Plus, there's a generous amount of lighting, perfect for those random photos shoots I usually do. Perhaps watching a lot of Escape to the Country on Netflix influenced my love for cabin-like designs - and also my new-found fascination with beams.


Rustic spaces always have a special place in my heart. Perhaps the main reason this particular design made it onto my list was because of the harmony of the whites and the browns. The tables and crates come at a close second.

I also love the countryside vibe this gives off (though actually being in the countryside in Europe is a dream). The ease of being able to go outside and breathe fresh air, see cows maybe, and have a lush, 3-4 acres of greenery all to myself is just divine. Oh, and have I mentioned that clock is such a statement piece?


Again, I love large glass windows with accompanying views. I can just imagine lounging here during the winter, maybe with some wine and a couple of close friends and family huddled together to watch a really nice horror film.

Sofas like the ones pictured (felt fabric?) have always been a favorite of mine next to velvet couches. Easy to clean, hassle-free when it comes to cleaning the room after a nice, rowdy party, and how cool it feels under the skin.

Although I said earlier that I mostly love light pieces, a dark-themed living room is also to-die-for and is perfect for spending an evening with your better half. It also brings a touch of elegance and masculinity all at the same time, and it never hurts to have a dynamic like that in the house, right?


Neoclassical interiors have always been my favorite, for a number of reasons. One, they look fine as hell. It's elegant, classic, oozing with style, and simply gorgeous. Two, there's so much Victorian character in the furniture and how everything is arranged, from the carpet, to the curtains, to the chandeliers. And third, girls love beautiful things, and this style is at the top end of the spectrum.

One thing I particularly love about this one is the wall at the back of the main couch. Hello, florals?! Even without the painting, the room would still look well put-together. I'm sure trying to make my future living room look like this will cost a lifetime of work (or maybe not?), but if it feels right, I'm willing to dedicate resources. 

So ends our post for today! How did you find it? Did you like the designs on the list or are you more of a rugged, bohemian-type dweller? Let me know in the comments!