Hey! I'm back with another list, this time, my Top 10 go-to designs for when I get my own bedroom (hopefully soon ;)). The designs below are NOT ordered. FYI.

1. The Pink Lair

The overall design (for me) helped make the room look a bit bigger than it really is. I love the hanging Christmas lights on the wall and the blind-type curtains. The mirrors also give the room a touch of glam, which I like. The only downside I see is that the color palette isn't very lively - it's actually quite dull. I like the color pink, but if the palette had a bit of apple green or blue on it, the room would have been better.

2. Purple Paradise
Now THIS is how I like my palettes. Bright, bold, feminine, yet cool altogether. It's more lively and pretty to the eyes and the simplicity of the arrangement makes it even more beautiful. The mural of the owls on the wall makes that "WOW" statement with one look, and that grass carpet makes me feel so welcome. I could say more about this room (all praise) but I think it's enough to let YOU take the design in.

3. Lavender Love
A clean, simple design for growing up young adults like myself. White and Lavender complement each other nicely, and with this specific design, the spotlights on the ceiling, the painting on the wall and the chandelier-like decoration helps make the design into my list. Everything looks feminine and really pretty too. This is an "A" on my report card.

4. The Luxury Pad
If I had another house to spare with a very different design from what I would usually go for, I'd choose for it to look like this one. Everything feels so modern, and those red pillows give energy to the room. I'm also digging those glass touches on the floor and certain parts of the walls. All in all, this design captures modern perfectly.

5. Aquatic Blues
This is a cool-palette room, that's for sure. I love the sheer curtains, the literal "wall clock" just across the (which will guarantee that I won't be late for class), the mini living room set and of course, the tiles. Cream and this hue of blue goes PERFECT together.

6. Wooden Wonder
One word: CLASS. I'm a girl for wood, so it's a must for my bedroom to have wooden floors. I love the lights too, and that chair? WOW. I'd love to sit on THAT. All the lights in this design is a WINNER. The bed's only a bonus if you ask me. And do I see a door leading to an outside place to chill out? I'll give this an A+.

7. Brown Glory
When my brother saw this design earlier, he immediately said "yes" to it. It's simple, great for classy bachelors, lots of room to strut your stuff and lots of wood. Though the colors aren't exactly my palette, the wooden floors make up for it.

8. Modern Comfort
I am digging the bed. So much. and the wooden floors are again a given. This design kind of reminds me of my days in Australia, with lots of space, carpets, and simple room decorations. It's a single room with plenty of space for visitors to sprawl out.

9. Kids Play
The room is so bright I could stay in here all day! The working station is lively and the colors of the room is very fresh. The floor might have been better if it were wood, but it's still a very good design either way. My brother also insisted I place I include this on my list.

10. Grandeur
Out of all the previous designs, this is by far the most functional bedroom. Yes, obviously, the fact that there's a swimming pool right across your bed makes the design functional. I could just imagine myself waking up, feeling a little hot, and diving into the pool. Totally. Although I don't see a television or any windows to let the light in, i think it's a great design overall.

Other bedroom designs that are worth mentioning:

I had fun with this post. Hope you did as well in reading it.
'Til next time!