I've heard my stomach growl countless of times at the sight (even a thought) of food. So this week, I've created my top 10 cravings (translation: TO-DIE-FOR-FOODS).

 YUUUMMMMM! *_____* (sparkle sparkle)

All images were taken from Deviantart. Yes. Lots of yummy food but no recipes to help me (a starving-dead girl) eat my fill.

1. Home-made Ice Popsicle

Imagine those out-of-the-freezer pops you buy at your local stores, minus the unwanted extra calories/sugar. It's home-made, which means you could practically throw any ingredient in (as long as you can eat it of course) and stock them in a fridge for those sad rainy days.

2. Waffle-Banana-Ice Cream Crossover

It's a banana split with a hint of mother's warm hugs and the breeze of the wind blowing through your hair as you sit on the veranda of your country home. Yes. It's THAT good.

3. Caramel Sundae

Better than your average fast-food McDonald's sundae. The dark chocolate on top gives the vanilla ice cream some personality, while the caramel syrup in layers makes everything extra special.

4. Chocolate Pots

What can I say, anything with mousse and chocolate is good.

5. "Prettified" Scrambled Eggs

This is my ultimate breakfast need. With toasted bread, some cheese and bacon and we have a moment of temporary heaven.

6. Fresh Fruitcake

Self-explanatory. ;)

7. Mini Chocolate Mousse Cake

The raspberries on top are a winner. Oh, yeah, and the mousse cake is worth it too. Hahaha. Nah. One without the other wouldn't do.

8. No Bake Nutella Cheesecake

I'm not really a fan of Nutella, but everyone's been fussing about it, so it's made it into the list. The appearance sold it for me either way. The cheesecake part keeps me interested too.

9. Oreo Cheesecake

OREO'S and CHEESE. I don't think those two would fit nicely in their original states, but when blended and turned into another product, well, that's an entirely different thing.

10. Strawberry Mousse

Anyone notice how many "mousse" recipes I have on this list?