I feel like I just turned around to talk to someone for a few seconds and when I look back, it's December! It's a little cliche to say that "time flies" but it does indeed fly by. It seems like only last week when we celebrated New Year and the start of new opportunities for 2013, and now, here we are.

December has a cheerful spirit. Even if someone doesn't normally smile, they can't help but be joyful about every little thing. It's the Christmas spirit, you know? It's always been there.

There are so many things that I'm thankful to God for in the almost-over year. 2013 was filled with so much happiness and experiences (firsts and lasts), and it's they year so many things were revealed to me about others and myself. It's also the year I decided to go on a diet and shed some pounds. :)

Dad might not be here to celebrate with us (duty calls!), but he is ALWAYS in our hearts. We may be more than 8 hours apart from each other, but he's always with me. God is always with me. This December will surely be one to remember.