A Perfect November.

November's almost over... but my love for pink is not even close!

In the last two days, I've been browsing images at weheartit (something I haven't done in a really long while!) and found cute, pink-themed, pretty images that have sparked in me the urge to create a squared collage.

Most of the things here are those which I've been wanting to have, but have never really gotten around to purchasing. It's either they're not available here in Naga (I'm not really a fan of online shopping 'cause of some privacy issues) or I can't afford them yet, although most of the time, it's the latter that gets in the way.

As for macaroons... I'm trying to get a hold of them! Soft, cream-filled slices of paradise. *Sigh. Mouth-watering goodness, so unreachable. Why are there no macaroons around here?

For the Starbucks planner... I already have my sticker card thing, but it's not even half full yet! The weather right now is getting worse, and I'm too busy at school to have time to go and buy beverages! It's sad, I know. Hahaha. Well, if I don't get this year's planner, I might as well make my own or wait for next year O___O.

Another favorite of mine is the headphones. They look so pretty, but also can be dirtied-up easily. Still, if they had shops here to customize headphones, I'd have mine pimped. I have a purple one, but pink is still my ultimate.

Also, my love for floral/vintage patterns isn't because it's suddenly the hype - I've always liked girly things, and florals are one of the better symbolism for it. If I could have floral wedges/heels/rubbers, I would SOOO walk in them 24/7. I might even go to the bathroom wearing stilettos.

How about you? What's your favorite color and how do you incorporate that int your style?

Cheers, and have a happy last day of November!


  1. i like your 2014 journal... :) - ate laddie

  2. Hi tita! How I wish that planner was mine! Di ko pa po tapos yung starbucks sticker thing. :( hahaha.