Primal Pet Peeves (Grrr!)

It's that sudden wave of annoyance you feel when you see something you horribly, horribly hate to the core of your being. In short, it's the most vexing thing in the world, ever. Let's see if we have the same ones on the list, shall we?

Note: If you're in a super good mood and want to stay that way, I advise you to stop reading. However, if you're not easily affected by things like these, then please read on. :)

1. Ignorant drivers
I hate these people. Sooooo much. Just this evening on my way home, a car disobeyed the traffic/walk light, deliberately. While the signal for us to cross was still green, a PUV turned our corner, and almost cut in front of us. WOW. The walk light was obviously green, and if he didn't see it, he shouldn't be driving in the first place. I'm not even sure if the driver was a he or a she. Jeez.

Another version of this kind of ignorance is when drivers don't give way to pedestrians, when they should stop when people are crossing the road. Isn't it an unspoken, understood rule that when people are crossing on a pedestrian lane, cars should stop and wait for them to finish? That rule is followed in Australia, as well as in Oman (or so I observed while I was there). Why can't people here follow a simple rule such as this one? What's so hard about obeying rules?!

2. Tricycle passengers
I hailed a tricycle a few days ago and was relieved to have it all to myself. A few meters later and we picked up another passenger, going the same way. I scooted over to the side to give her more space to sit. Then came the annoying part of my morning. Proper manners would tell us to step out of a vehicle if the person seated at the innermost part needed to get off, right? Well, I was surprised when the girl didn't step out. She merely pushed herself more into her seat to clear a little space for me to pass (SQUEEZE, rather) through.

Ugh. Why, why, why do people not have manners? We're social beings, aren't we? Shouldn't we know the basics of relating and acting with/around others? Getting out of the vehicle for a few seconds isn't such a hassle! If you see the other person carrying loads, why not make things easier for both of you by stepping out and giving her all the space, even for a few seconds? Matters are worse when it's pouring. Do you honestly expect the person to get her umbrella out, carry her things, not trip over your shoes and get you wet all at the same time?!

3. Lingering jeepneys
As if traffic wasn't enough to congest roads. I noticed this peeve this evening, as I was waiting for a ride home. A few jeepneys pulled over to where I was standing to let me get on, but I mouthed "no" and expected them to drive away. They didn't, obviously. Instead, they loitered on the road in a definite road-block manner and stayed there for minutes. The cars and tricycles behind them got stuck as well, and the traffic worsened.

Seriously?! Being the cause of more traffic brings you joy? How pathetic. Of course, we can say that they linger to get more passengers and earn more, but what of the other people also trying to earn or get home? *Sigh. Pet peeves are so hard to get over with.

So. How about you? What are some of YOUR pet peeves?

Have a happy, peeve-free weekday!

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