Woooo! December the 25th is here, babe! ^__^
Not as loud as the previous ones though, but not any less colorful.
We're sort of getting ready for some guests coming over tonight, so I only have a little time to blog about today! No promises, but I might update later. (Keep your fingers crossed!)

Anyway, here are the bulbaloos I did earlier today.

Of course, we can't forget that the ultimate reason for Christmas is Christ's birth. Gifts are nice, and spending time with family and friends are the sweetest, but if Jesus didn't come into the world, we'd have no Christmas at all, and no hope for eternal life.

So thank you, Jesus.

:) More to do! As we are nearing the end of this year, a lot of baggage have to be left behind. Time to get started with new plans, ideas, and (ehemm) loves!

Here's what's been playing over and over in my playlist for this occasion:

Merry Christmas!!!