Wow. What a brilliant year this has been.

Not that there were no bad-slash-gloomy moments, but I guess the good ones outweigh the negatives (don't they always?). With a mere 10 minutes left on my hands, I'm still stuck on what to blog about! Gah!

Would my Youtube cover of Hillsong's Oceans Will Part do?

Oh my gosh. What a year. WHAT A YEAR. Not only did I get back to blogging, but I also got to go on trips around the Bicol region and order my first item (The Doodle Planner!) online!

This year could've been better with dad, but though he's across the globe, we constantly get to chat with him on Hangouts. WHAT A YEAR indeed.

Alright everyone, I don't want to miss the countdown to 2014, so this is all for now!

See you next year!