So today, my brother and I had the freedom to walk around the mall for an entire day (well, at least until 5pm). I think I spent all my savings within a mere 6 hours of circling the mall. :/ Oh well.

Here's a summary (again) in photos. (The lazy spirit of Christmas just always gets me.)

As you might probably guess, we had our stomachs stuffed. So much. Wow. We had lunch at Bigg's, then had snacks at Rafabel's - and as if we weren't full enough, we also ate ice cream. No stomach rumbling here. Thank God for these.

Of course, we went to the arcade, roamed the department store, and hit the internet shop (JP, at least - I went to the bookstore). Speaking of which, I "accidentally" splurged in the bookstore today. Whew.

Here are my purchases today - I'm a little addicted to plain notebooks and pens, just like my dad. It's something we've always had in common, aside from great taste in music and book collecting.

I couldn't help but doodle while sipping my frappe. It's one of those things that helps me remember what happened. I doodle on my planner, and on whatever notebook I have with me.

I have a lot more pens/pencils/coloring materials stashed in the cabinet and drawers, some even dating as far as 2008. Yes, they're all still working, which is awesome for someone who likes doodling things or jotting down ideas. Gah. Awesome.

Well, that's it for now, I guess. Tomorrow will be the last day of 2013, and I want to make the last post special. I have no idea what to do yet, but I'll think of something. Ciao!