Happy New Year!

Yeah hahaha, this would've been posted better during the 1st of January, but hey, no one expected to be busy around that time, right?

Well anyway, I'm here to tell you a little about my plans - hopes - dreams - expectations for this year. But before that, I'd just like to say that I don't believe in New Year "Resolutions", to say the least. I think the concept of "new year" is just revolving (these days) around "fresh starts" or "new beginnings", which are all true, except that it's not just all about that. It's also about continuing whatever you've been doing the previous year and giving it a power-up.

Last year's new year was just like any other - full of promises to myself and goals I intended to do for the year. Funny thing is, is that a few of the resolutions I listed down in the previous years before were still on my list that year. That's why I say it's also for continuing the promises we made in the past, and [trying] to make sure we accomplish them this year. I guess that's the great thing about new years. We don't entirely expect to do a certain goal, and when we do, we feel awesome for it. Well, for me, at least.

Now, to some of my goals* for this year:

  • Fill all my old empty sketchbooks
  • Say no to over-spending
  • Lies? Psshhh... Flies!
  • Wake up earlier
  • Maintain my prayer journal (no matter what)
  • When tempted to sin, open the Bible
  • No to nonsensical jibber-jabber
  • Lose more weight (for more summer fun?)
  • Say no to losing my temper (read: patience)
*Goals = things I know I can accomplish in 2014

Some of my hopes for this year:
  • For dad to permanently stay home (that would be awesome!)
  • Stress-free year for all of us, especially mom and dad
  • Attend a concert of one of my favorite artists
  • Finally get into video blogging on Youtube
  • JP's passing Ateneo HS entrance Exam (or any quality school)
  • Learn the violin / advanced guitar

Of course, my dreams have stayed the same since forever. I haven't let go of the fact that I might one day own a large house  to give to my parents, and to spoil them with luxuries they couldn't afford as kids and adults. I want my little brother to experience the good things I went through as a child, and to give him everything he needs to be a better person, brother, son, Christian. Most of my dreams are that of my parents', but one dream of mine is to make it big in the Animation industry (as a storyboard artist?) or an Entertainer (singer/artist). I've looked into writing, but I'm not confident enough yet with my skills to pursue that sort of day-dream, although I am doing what I can to expand my skills.

Alright - that's it for now. 
I hope you have a wonderful 2014 ahead of you!