Har! Har! Har!
What a busy week, eh?
I'm telling you, if it gets any more hectic, I'm going to flop on my bed and escape to another world.

Seriously though, I've been really busy at school (with the Pasale Festival which features Indie films from Bicol, on top) and with this school week being the last for the year, projects are pouring in.

So, without further ado, here's a summary of my week, in photos.

For my uncle's last day here in Naga, we had dinner with a few friends at The Crown Park. It wasn't as grand as the dining area for the Crown Plaza Hotel (just above us), but it was awesome because of the company. I pigged out. :( I should be happy, since it's been so long since I ate Banana Split for dessert, but, ugh, I feel so guilty. I've been justifying my dessert since last night. Hahaha.

We also tried the Crown Park Chicken for the first time, but it's nothing special. I still prefer chicken from Bigg's or KFC. Favorites.

5.  If I haven't already mentioned, I signed up for the Reddit Secret Santa, and I thought I'd give a pair of Starbucks coffee cups. I'm going to add a few more little things to it before sending it over to my secret santa, but I'm worried. I hope I ship this in time. :( School's being a pain in the butt.

6.  We finally set up a Christmas tree! OMG. I've been annoying my mom for weeks now (since the first of the month) to put this up, but she waited until last week to do so! She told me it'd be reason for a higher electricity bill and a cause for fire, so I kind of understand the lateness.

7.  A picture among the hundreds of photos-slash-selfies during the 3-day Pasale event in Ateneo. We got to view indie films made by Bicolano directors/artists, and attended talks about the industry and other topics. An added bonus: we were excused from ALL our classes during that one week! Hahaha. Perfect. We enjoyed and learned at the same time (and got loads of free moments.)

8.  My brother. Hahahaha. We were playing with the Bamboo Photo App on the iPhone and got around to this result. Umm. Yeah. 'Nuff said.

So another week passes. It's not over yet though. My uncle is leaving for the UK tomorrow morning - it's always sad when a relative leaves. The house becomes so quiet all over again. However, another relative might just be on our heels. ^___^ This means more trips (maybe?) if time permits, and more fun times at home and anywhere else.

Gah. So many stuff to do this week. And I thought exam week was hell week.