I just love it when hard work and passion pays off, and this time around, it's my friend Bem Zenit's (follow her on: Instagram) moment in the spotlight!

She held her Brush Calligraphy Workshop yesterday, Nov. 12, at Don Rodolfo's Café, owned by our friend Nick (check him out here). There were a total of 11 attendees, and I have to say if I weren't quite broke, I'd have participated, haha. On a positive note, my lack of funds allowed me to document her workshop with photos and a time-lapse of her going around and writing names of participants on their envelopes.

Why don't I just stop talking (um, writing?) and let the photos/video speak for themselves?

The workshop went on from 8AM-12NN and came with materials and lunch/snacks. These babies were so chill haha. Had fun going around and looking over their shoulders to see how they were doing.

Rodolfo's Café was the perfect place to hold this workshop too, with good food to top it off.

So earthy (in a good way)! Man. If only I lived nearer I'd be here during weekends. Just so happens that Starbucks is closer to home.

That's one item I can cross out of my short-term November goals list!!! Will update my post, Konnichiwa, November.

Bem will also be holding workshops in Manila! *Fan-girling* See the poster below and if you're near the area, please do consider joining her workshop! It'll be worth it, I promise! She also sells cute handmade items so check out her Facebook page: Bem Zenit.

Treat yourself to self-improvement or discovery of a new hobby. You'll get a great experience plus materials to keep working on your craft. I'm not making any promises, but if I had the chance, I'd be on a bus to Manila!