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What makes love different from "like"? What is the distinction? Why is there a need to correct someone if they "like" or "love" something? It's because "love" isn't just liking an object or person. It's acceptance. Of everything, whether good or bad.

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Love isn't just about the good times. It's about realizing that something, someone isn't perfect - and you're totally okay with that. On paper, it seems like the easiest and most logical thing to be able to do, but as we're human with flaws of our own, ego, pride, and self-centeredness get in the way and makes everything complicated.

Love isn't all just about that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you experience your first kiss, your first trip together, your first year. Sometimes, love emerges when the world is dim, and you feel you've got no one who cares. Love is the assurance of knowing that in spite of whatever situation you're in, someone will be there to support you as best they can.

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It's no guarantee that you'll always be in the clouds. There will be times that you'll be under them, and they will seem gloomy and dark. There will be rain and thunderstorms, sometimes for weeks on end. One thing is sure, and it's that if there's love, there's hope.

Work hard, and remain faithful. Faithful to your word, your actions, your belief, and your emotions. Don't blatantly try to hurt the other just because they might have forgotten an important day or simply missed to react to something you did or said in the way you expected them to. Humans fall, so forgive. Be patient. Love them.

Sometimes, love is painful, because it's showing you the truth. It's teaching you a lesson you'll need for the future. Let love correct you, and change you for the better. For what is water to a plant that refuses to accept its nutrients?

When I say "I love you" it means I accept every part of you. Things may not always be perfect for us, and there are situations that will spark doubt about our feelings for each other. Sometimes, you forget. Sometimes, I do too. But don't let these human flaws get in the way of something eternal and beautiful. Love doesn't stop the moment death catches hold of you. It goes beyond, above, and through.

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My heart is bursting at the thought of a future we can have together, but we have to wait. Will you be patient to wait for me, or will you turn away to the next person ready? You've asked me twice to share forever, and twice I've had to turn you down for now. Will you tire of waiting for me?

I trust in love, and I trust you.

Please wait for me.