Heyo! Haha, so I'm going to bring myself a lot of embarrassment through this post, but I figured since I'm "awkward" personified, might as well. Haha.

For those who know me personally, they have an idea about most of my hobbies, and these include creating covers and *shamelessly* uploading them to Soundcloud or Youtube.

I was browsing my socials (cleaning up my history, more like) and came across my Soundcloud. I already deleted a few posts, but kept some for future laughs.

If you're bored and looking for someone to laugh at (or with, ahah), here are a few of my covers.

I'm In Love With a Monster - Fifth Harmony

Took a risk with this one, since I had heard the whole song only once before but figured I could wing the melody. Haha.

For The First Time In Forever (Partial) - Frozen OST

Um, yeah. The video quality isn't that great, but again, I took the risk even without knowing the entire song and probably made the song worse, haha.

Comme Ci, Comme Ca - ZAZ

Second favorite French song (second to Celine Dion's Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore.

Falling Over Me - Demi Lovato

This was when I had just began learning the guitar. Feeling expert! Hahaha.

Paper Hearts

Just discovered the QUEEN. (Sorry sa voicing - my nose was clogged as usual. TMI, sorry.)

Say Something - A Great Big World ft. Xtina

Hopefully, we'll all still be friends after this, haha!