Sunday has always been a family day, and yesterday, we did just that. With mom always busy at work and our schedule at school, we rarely get to go out and just have fun, conversing over food, so yesterday was a real treat.

White Bean is a the rose among thorns around "Centro" or the place where most of the shops and businesses are in Naga City. In the midst of pollution and the extremely heavy traffic, this place is what I call a bit of home.

The interior of White Bean is extremely adapted for eating and chilling with friends or family. There are books on the shelves and cute lantern-like decorations. The colors are very appealing (light yellow, green, light blue, pinks - pastels in short) which remind me of a happier time during my childhood.

Aside from the ambiance, the food is equally satisfying. My brother, cousin, and mom ordered Carbonara with bread, while I chose Chicken Pesto for dinner. As we shared stories about our day and new discoveries, we enjoyed the food just as much. The pesto dish was GREAT which suited a pesto-lover like me, while the Carbonara wasn't so bad itself. It would've tasted better with more cream though, but that's just my preference.

With all the stressful things we've gone through the previous week, this little food trip was a good way to relax. I won't even mind doing this again some other time.

If you're in Naga City or happen to visit the place, try out White Bean. You'll adore it as much as I do.

P.S. I'll remember to take a picture of the whole area next time - to entice you further into visiting the place, haha. Oh, and don't mind the worn-out face on the middle left.