I’m looking forward to…

1. Spending more time with my lolo (grandpa) when we go home to the Philly this March.

I mentioned in my older posts about my grandpa’s situation, and to be able to make him smile would be so fulfilling as a grandchild. I guess it’s the least I can do to help make him happy again after my dear lola’s passing last August 13. Besides, I rarely go to the province, so this is the perfect opportunity to bond with him again.

2. Getting better at drawing and creating digital pieces.

I can’t say I SUCK at digital drawing, but I really need to learn a lot more if I’m ever going to make money out of this. I’ve managed to get LOTS of inspiration from Deviantart and Carbonmade, but I need more tutorials and practice. That’s what I lack – practice. There’s just so many things on my mind and a lot of distractions for me to focus on this passion of mine. And have I told you that I have major difficulty in drawing men? Girls I can draw really well, but when I start making machos, they look more like she-males. (No offense. I remember having to draw a gay character for one of my short stories at our school paper, and this twisted talent of mine worked perfectly.)

3. Buying cute moleskines and a LOT of little sketch books from Borders.

Recently, my little like for moleskines turned into an obsession. As I was browsing the web last week for stores around Muscat to buy some, I managed to find lots of online stores instead. I LOVE moleskines now. And I love the fact that they have special moleskines for different purposes, like one for cooking, one for journaling, one for sketches, and the like. And I plan to buy all of them. When I checked Borders last Monday (I think it was Monday), I couldn’t find a moleskine, but I did find lots of other cute notebooks, diaries, and sketchbooks. I am no doubt returning soon to buy them. :)

4. College.

Can’t this be self-explanatory? No? Fine. I want to finish an IT degree and get my family out of the Philly for numerous reasons. One, ‘cause I feel that my beloved country is being infested by corrupt power, thieves, and liars. Two, because it’s becoming a very polluted city, both in noise, air, and whatever. Three, because I feel so poor when I’m in that place. I prefer my old life back in Australia when I was a kid. Freedom. And fourth, ‘cause it just depresses me when I’m there. You always have to be better than others to be important and liked. I guess that’s happening around the world too, but I’ve never felt it more than in my own country. Laging pagalingan. Sorry my kapwa Pinoys, but I’m just stating the obvious. And I know that not all Filipinos are like that. But it’s a dominating trait.

5. A new hope, to start fresh in my life.

This was what I was expecting when I came to Oman almost three years ago. I expected to start a new slate of life, one where I can build nicer, longer-lasting relationships and do things I’ve never done before. And I got to do them too. I was able to be somebody. Now I’m going back to Philly, I’m hoping for the best. I hope I get the friends I’ve always wanted to have, to get that recognition at school for my God-given talents, to compete once more in the area of Journalism, to be one of the editors at the school paper at whatever college I’ll be attending, and to be an active A+ student again. I want to engage life in every way possible, to participate in rallies for what I believe in, to give hope to other people in my community and to spread the Gospel to everyone. Seems like a pretty long list of to-do’s, but if this is what God planned me to do, I’ll have all the time in the world.

I’ve always wanted to be the girl everyone remembered as kind, compassionate, reliable, intelligent, and helpful. Now’s my chance to make that happen.