1. CAKE - Black Forest.

Yum. So sweet and so pretty! I remember buying a piece of Black Forest cake back in Auburn (Australia) every time we had to go back home after a day of shopping. I'd ask my mom if we could pass by that cake store and she'd agree, much to my delight. And they pack the cake into cute plastic thingies, you know, the ones they put refrigerated cakes in at grocery stores? Only cuter, triangle ones.

2. PUDDING - Leche Flan

Again, just thinking of Leche Flan brings back so many good memories of my childhood. I recall one time when I would just get this insane craving for Leche Flan in the morning and ask to have it for breakfast. Of course, they wouldn't allow me (they being the older ones). LOL. Thank heavens. I may have a sweet tooth, but no diabetes, thank you. :) I'd like to keep it that way.

3. ICE CREAM - Rocky Road!

When people ask me why I love Rocky Road ice cream, I give them two simple reasons: one, because it has lots of "surprises", and two, because it's my favourite. When I was a kid, I used to love mango and chocolate chip, but at the moment, not so much. Another flavour I like aside from Rocky Road id Cookies & Cream. :) Just mouth-watering...

4. TART - Blueberries

What can I say? The mixture of sour and sweet, along with the crispy pastry is off the hook. I'm not into strawberries, either in ice creams or tarts or anything else, but fresh strawberries I dig. :) ANyone care to give me a basket? LOL.

and finally...


I don't remember having this as a child, but the last time I tasted choco mousse was effing grand! :) It wasn't as sweet as I imagined it would be too! It's a bit like ice cream and whipping cream, mixed together just right for that perfect texture. :) aggh.. I want some now.