In my previous post, I talked about our trip to Donsol during the weekend (last January 11-13), and how it was one of the craziest, most insane weekends I've had (so far).

Let's get on with it, then.

After breakfast at Vitton Beach Resort, we left at 8am back to Naga city. Of course, we couldn't not eat lunch so we had to stop over. What was funny was the fact that we went to those resorts to find my brother some steak (he'd been craving for it since that morning) and came out empty. Nada steaks. We took our chance at The Oriental Hotel in Legazpi.

Gosh, that awkward, brace-splattered face. Just admire the view, okay? We were really high up a mountain, so the hotel overlooked the city. Must be prettier during the night. (The first time we went here was in the evening a few months back, but I was so busy admiring the inside to realize the view. :/)

We got settled down at this point and looked at the menu - still no steak available. They had a steak dish, but the Australian steak meant for it was not available. Sad. My brother and I had to choose another meal, which, in the end, we couldn't finish. Say hello.

My aunt was still full from breakfast (how was that possible with a few slices of toast, eggs, and a hotdog?) so she ordered a salad instead. While we had fish and chips before our main course - Lasagna and cheese pizza.

When we realized we couldn't finish what we ordered, we gave them to mom and to whoever wanted a bite. I was sooo full at that time. Just, full

While mom and my aunt talked about business things, we walked around the hotel. We were sort of restless though.

Other random photos.

Gaaahhh I miss having nothing to worry about! I miss those times when I could do anything I thought of at that exact moment. Like, if I wanted to go swimming right now or go to a park, I could. It's part of growing up I guess. 

I never wanted to grow up. I wanted to stay 16 when I turned 16 and I wanted to still be 18 when I turned 18. I'm in my early twenties right now, and I can't tell you how happy I am to be at this age. You see, though I never wanted to grow up, I didn't want to die young either.

Here's to another weekend!