Thursday, March 6, 2014

Second Chances


This week has been crazy! Crazy with the number of projects (it is the last 2 weeks of this semester), crazy with the amount of things I learned about my classmates, and crazy for the coming summer!

Where to start?

Today, we submitted an nHair simulation and a Dynamic Rig Curve simulation during class. I had tremendous fun with the hair, and as easy as the latter exercise was, the computers at school just couldn't handle it. Maya kept crashing. I may have had at least 5 fatal errors in one sitting, and when I transferred to another computer in another room, it was the same thing. Thank goodness for my friendly classmates who offered assistance. :)

Here's my output for the Dynamic Rig activity. (She's a Pokemon, rather, a hybrid of two.)

Mehehehe. (^___^)

Also, the reason why I titled this post as Second Chances was because I got into doodle art again. It has never been a strength, and to be able to create just one awesome, large, detailed doodle art would be AWESOME. :)

A little preview, a WIP.

Tomorrow's a Friday, so cheers to those of you who still have work (or school). Fridays are a holiday for me. Haha. The perks of choosing your schedule.

Thanks for reading and sharing this time with me! :)

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  1. first off, i'm in love with this little pokemon hybrid! SO CUTE! i'd catch her if i could >:O SECOND, let's talk about that doodle art of yours which is simply put AMAZING! that little candy squid city (???) of weird is just beyond me - so neatly done! AND SO PRETTY. i'd love to see more and since i'm not too active on blogger anymore (not that my blogger feed works anyway huua huu) i'm hoping you'll tweet when your next art post is up? i'm VERY CURIOUS as to see where your doodle art is going as well as your animation! (and all of your other creations as well) : D



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