This week has been crazy! Crazy with the number of projects (it is the last 2 weeks of this semester), crazy with the amount of things I learned about my classmates, and crazy for the coming summer!

Where to start?

Today, we submitted an nHair simulation and a Dynamic Rig Curve simulation during class. I had tremendous fun with the hair, and as easy as the latter exercise was, the computers at school just couldn't handle it. Maya kept crashing. I may have had at least 5 fatal errors in one sitting, and when I transferred to another computer in another room, it was the same thing. Thank goodness for my friendly classmates who offered assistance. :)

Here's my output for the Dynamic Rig activity. (She's a Pokemon, rather, a hybrid of two.)

Mehehehe. (^___^)

Also, the reason why I titled this post as Second Chances was because I got into doodle art again. It has never been a strength, and to be able to create just one awesome, large, detailed doodle art would be AWESOME. :)

A little preview, a WIP.

Tomorrow's a Friday, so cheers to those of you who still have work (or school). Fridays are a holiday for me. Haha. The perks of choosing your schedule.

Thanks for reading and sharing this time with me! :)