Yessss! SOMG! School is FINALLY over!
(Well, after I pass our last final project tomorrow. ;) But it's the same thing, since I'm already done with it.)

I don't know how I even made it through (thank you Lord!) the previous week! It felt like death was slowly jumping at me from all sides! All our major subjects had final projects, and the pressure was over the TOP. Like, whew! How did I even...?


A lot of things have happened over the period I haven't posted, and since almost all of them are school related, I have to think things through before posting them (maybe clips would be okay though). Gah.

I feel so RELIEVED! It's the same feeling you get when you take a dump after a week-long break from dealing with the toilet seat. (Ummm. Yeah, not the best image.)

Though my hands are dead tired, I slipped in an incredibly no-thought-included digital portrait.

You can, like, see where the brush strokes meet and end! I didn't even bother cleaning it up. :/ Haha. I feel insanely happy about it though. Hooray for being messy!

See you when I do! Have a great week ahead!