Here I am again. Have you ever had that one day where you wake up, eat breakfast, go out, have lunch, go back home and then sit in front of the computer just to look at (and download) random funny (and/or cute) GIFs all day long? For me, today was that day (and it's not even done yet).

Two of my "go-to" sites for Graphic Interchange Formats or GIFs are Deviantart and Tumblr. The former site holds a lot of cute, adorable GIFs ranging from flash files to pixel art and animated icons while Tumblr has more of the funny GIF "experience" and videos showing funny people doing funny things.

Given that, what do you think this post'll be about? Well, um, GIFs?

I don't often do this, but with an impending hiatus on the way, it'll have to do (ugh, I lead such a boring life right now).

Sooo... let's play a little game! I'll post some GIFs and relate an emotion or an experience I react to in the same way. :) Typical Tumblr post, but let's carry that over here on Blogger today.

1. When I really, really want something and I say practically anything to get it. 
Yeah, this happens more times than it should. Especially when it's about 
buying a book or getting a new gadget. :/ Yeah...

2. When I'm in a group and then someone makes a joke that people seem to
find funny and I don't. This rarely happens with my close friends,
but when I'm at a large party... ugh. Just stop this already. I don't really give
anything about what you just said. Maybe I shouldn't be here...?

3. How my life feels like during summer break. Heck, this even applies for
school days. It's like time goes by too fast that I don't realize what's
happening anymore. I don't like it.

4. How I feel when school is over for the week/the semester. Hooray! I've literally
ran the same way down the halls at school, and it feels super awesome. 
I smell freedom. I smell days of doing nothing. Hahaha.

5. I sleep like this after submitting an incredibly heavy project for school. 
Especially if it's from a major subject and requires animated
perfection. Hooray, Anna! :)

6. My typing when someone chats me up on Facebook and asks
 the same question 10000000 times. Seriously?! How annoying can you get? 
Do you want me to lend you a freaking dictionary? I'll even gift-wrap it for you.

7. When an opportunity comes along and I have no choice but to let it slip.
Ugh. This almost always happens, and the primary reason for it is lack of finances and availability.
School gets in the way (?!) and I can't push for my parents to let me go. They've given me
so much already - won't burden them further.

8. My "I-told-you-so" face. Nothing feels better than saying something that turns out
to be true. Yeah, I can tell the future. Suck it. XD Kidding.

9. My reaction to my haters. 
My haters include people who push my to be someone I'm not, people who repeatedly
 tell me to go on a diet yet never believe I can actually do it, and the people who think 
I'll never get ahead in life. Here's what I'll tell you: your life SUCKS. You're too busy 
targeting other people you don't realize how negative in life you are now. So just keep 
hitting me with what you have. I'll be the cat blocking your way to the other end of the tunnel.

10. Society, government, world - listen to what I have to say. There's too many things
to talk about when it comes to societal flaws and government holes. So here's my feels.
It's listed. Ahahaha. Serious. Meh.

So... there. My GIF folder is still rich with other reactions I have for other things, but I'll have to save that for later. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe on Tuesday. Too many feels. 

Ciao! ;)