I created her about 6 days ago after our finals were passed and the summer holidays started. I was feeling so high then - only a little less now. I'd been aiming for a stylized sort of anime sketch for a while, but the output always leans toward Disney princess-ish and cartoon styles. It might become a thing once I realize I can't do a typical anime drawing. Bummer.

A few minutes from now, the whole family will be going to San Jose for a week. I have to tell you though - I've never dreaded my birthday ever, until now. :( I feel sick to the stomach just thinking about what's going to happen. Sorry, parents. If you read this in the future, know that I didn't think I'd be celebrating my birthday out of my comfort zone. Double bummer.

I can't do it! I'm not prepared for this! I can't even speak Bikol! To think that there's something big planned for April 6 and knowing I play a role in it that I'm not prepared for gives my stomach butterflies! NO! This is sooo hard for me, but I can't say no. I'd risk the mood of the whole vacation. :(

Anyway, I have to go now. I'll update when I can - mom's calling me to do something for her.

Bye. :(