So today's my birthday.

I've been ranting on MELT for the past 2/3 days about what'll happen today aside from, you know, it being one of those special days for me. (Head over there to hear some of my voice blogs!) I can't say I'm sad or anything 'cause I'm not, but I can't say I'm excessively happy either. In all honesty, I wanted to celebrate my day differently, surrounded with immediate family and friends. That happened, and then some. *Sigh. 

You see, today was also the scheduled Sunday service-slash-charity event at my parents' hometown, San Jose, Camarines Sur. (I have no idea why they couldn't schedule it the week after, but it's over now so I can't keep fussing.) After a quick Sunday service, we handed out groceries to the least fortunate and gave toys to the kids who attended the event (which was a LOT more than the adults), all after they'd been given lunch.

That event alone demanded 2 days of stress and a night of only around 5 hours of sleep. Four of us led the worship (singing) portion and dad delivered the sermon afterwards. Yet after all this, I'm still thinking about the same thing: why couldn't they schedule it after one week? 

I now feel like nothing happened on my "special" day. All I did was eat special food and surfed the net a few times during the day. Seriously, if my parents decide to read my blog (rarely, but in unpredictable times), they might scold me for being selfish and talking behind their back. :/ Then again, everything's done. No use complaining.

Since I have no "celebration" photos to post for you tonight, I'll grab some photos from our first days here (around March 27/28) of my late grandma's garden. I have yet to determine if "post-birthday photos" will exist for this year.

I only found out about how dangerous being around one of these was after I took the photo at very close range. I forgot what it's called, but according to my mom, the little hairs on this little thing could cause a major itch/rash/skin problem. You don't even have to touch it to get affected. If the weather was windy and the hair found its way to your skin, you're going to get itchy. Just thinking about it makes me itchy.

The first time I passed by this (tree?), I didn't see the lemons growing on them. When I went back from the other end of the garden, it was then that I noticed how cute these were. They're normally called kalamnsi in Tagalog, and I don't know how they're called in Bicol.

This was a great find. It was the second thing I saw while walking through the garden (the first being a dragonfly resting on a tree branch). I figured it was lost (maybe, a little like me?), being miles away from the nearest beach. It was at this moment that I wished I had a super macro lens to get every detail of the shell. Good things take time though, so I'm {trying} to patiently wait.

Perhaps the only reason I took a photo of this lonesome-looking leaf was the fact that it went well with the background. Nothing really special here - no back story or anything. Care to come up with one? :)

I don't know what this is called either (can I get any more elementary?), but I got a little carried away with testing the limits of my standard lens in macro mode, and this was the result.

I saw one of my favorite color palettes in these leaves. The lime green and this shade of brown go so well together, I must say. Very nature-ish. Very natural.

Finally, a sight that never disappears every time I go to my late grandpa's house - a swarm of ants on the front gate. 

I guess that'll be all for now, folks. If you have the time (and want to hear more from me), go to my SOUNDCLOUD page (by clicking through). I've been crazy uploading short/complete covers since the start of April, so if you do have the time, please check it out and leave a like, comment, or share them to your friends. I'm amazed that people even download a few of them for offline listening. :) Feels good.

Thanks for the time and I hope you have a great, great week ahead!