April and the first two weeks of May was a train-load of busy days. Yup. We were out of internet connection for more than a month and went mobile for that period.

Here's a list of things that happened:

  • My dad came home for vacation on the 26th of March
  • My #100HappyDays project started on the 26th of March as well
  • We went to San Jose (my grandpa's place) on April 1
  • We held a Thanksgiving service on April 6 and did some charity work for the less fortunate (gave out toys, groceries, etc.)
  • I witnessed around 2 of my parents' high school reunions (both held at home)
  • We went swimming twice (once at the beach and once at a pool)
  • Went shopping for pink cuties I could find in a single store
  • We shopped more when we got back to Naga
  • Dad left for Manila on the 24th (or 25th?) to go back to Oman
  • A cousin came to Naga for work and hung out with us at the same time
  • Got new Grosby kicks
  • Went swimming again with cousins
  • My brother got sick for 4 days 
  • Finished my part of an art trade with a fellow animation student (1/10)
  • We applied for a new internet provider and got back 2 days ago
  • Went Spotify Premium around 3 days ago
  • Had to reformat my PC 'cause of an OS failure (all my files have up and gone, darnit)

Uhuh. I think I forgot a considerable amount of happenings, but I don't really think adding a few more would give more of a "busy days 'til evening" impression. It already does, maybe.

Today, we're going back to San Jose with my aunt and cousin for around 2 days, so I'm going to live off of mobile for those few days again. -_- I didn't want to go, but mom's so persistent. *Sigh. At least I have Spotify.

Here's the art trade piece I mentioned in the list. La Bella.