Hey guys! How was April fool's yesterday? Sadly i w asn't able to pull a prank on my little bro so...

Just kidding! So it's only 5 days before my birthday, and I am seriously dreading it! I'm no sure why, but i am.

I was thinking about not preparing any food any inviting visitors over, cause that would be a big hassle, but my mom insists on cooking at least something, for the people who will surely be coming. Personally? Why bother? I'd rather buy books at the bookstore or shop for sketchpads rather than eat and celebrate on my birthday.

So yeah. I'm at my grandpa's house right now and internet here is either slow or scarce, and i think i'm experiencing both. Yeah. Great. There may be a problem with my internet provider. Even with load, i can't acces the net on my phone! Drats!

Well, have a good day people!