Hey, hey, hey!
How's your day been so far?

Mine was close to BORING. Close, but not really there. I had a lot of dead moments during the day at school, but that doesn't mean I'll have dead air here on my blog!

I told you about how it was my aunt's birthday the other day, and mentioned that I would be doing a sketch of her. Well, that didn't go right as planned - so I made a collage (or digital sticker art) for her:

I practically did NOTHING. Hahaha. I got a picture of her from her FB page and applied make-up on her as a touch up, then randomly created shapes and downloaded patterns from google images. She liked it anyway, so I think I did an awesome job (pat on the back?).

Aside from that, I also mentioned the first traditional artwork I created on the book stand-cum-easel. It was done in a little under 45 minutes, with a cheap paintbrush set (with pre-filled colours inside) I got from the bookstore. I only used the black one here, and I've given one away to a friend who was inspired by my DIY water-brush and decided he wanted one as well!

Anyway, here's the artwork I've been talking about:

My Philosophy teacher told me to do a guy version, but I couldn't tell him that my weakness is drawing guys! I've had trouble drawing masculine characters since FOREVER, and though I've tried really hard, they always seem too feminine for my taste. I have the body covered, but the face just ruins it! I don't know why! But believe me, I am trying.

I guess I'll just have to try a little harder then.

By the way, I had my run animation checked this morning, and our teacher almost gave me a green light! I only have to fix the upper body and some snapping areas, but I AM moving on to the dance animation!!! I am sooo ready to create my reference. Should I post it here? Hahaha.
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