Hello there!

I got one of the ultimate surprises of this month, which was this:

Mom brought home a mini book stand - which functions also as an easel! ^__^ You see, a few days earlier, mom noticed that I had difficulty in drawing "un-long" faces due to the poor drawing angle I always had. I used to put a pillow on my chair to increase my sitting height, but it wasn't really effective.

According to my mom, she didn't really set out to buy the stand, but while she was looking at the furthest corner of the store, she saw this - and decided to buy it.


I've created one artwork on it so far, and I'll be posting it early tomorrow morning (though if you can't wait until then, I already have it posted over on Instagram here --> @veeyah19.

Also, a lot of stuff are going to be happening to me this week, including a (tentative) sleep-over at the Chroma studio at school (yay!), the Alternative Class Program on the 12th, and the showing of Insidious 2 at the cinemas! Although I'm not sure I have enough savings to go (darn food make me spend a LOT), I'll try to watch with friends so I can put a review on here.

This reminds me of my review for "The Conjuring" which I think I'll have up by next week if I finish the animation project at school.

Off to sketch a digital portrait of my aunt who celebrated her birthday yesterday!

Tomorrow, then? :)
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