I've talked about my brother a few times in my posts, and in this one, I'll be telling a little something about his first official school Basketball Tournament.

Yesterday, my brother experienced Elementary Level Basketball at the City Hall's Court. Why is this a big deal? Well, JP's a little addicted to Basketball - and knows almost every player (both popular and not-so popular ones).

His wallpaper is of Michael Jordan, his PSP Go is filled to the brim with basketball games (like 2K12, 2K13 and others), his Youtube subscriptions are also those who post game-plays of Basketball games, and before he goes to bed, he turns on the TV and religiously watches Kobe, Lebron, and Wade make their shots.

Even his exams (when related to Basketball) are perfect! What do you make of that?

(little bro at the left-most side)

In my opinion, a sport is only healthy until it becomes an addiction. I like playing Badminton, for example, and grew up with Swimming as a sport and not just a hobby, but I don't get fixated on them. I like keeping things balanced, and unlike my brother, I know when enough is enough.

I credit this obsession to his being 11 years old and in the sixth grade though, and I'm hoping he'll set his priorities straight when he enters high school. I like Basketball too, and I even had it as a sport last year, but... what gives? Why the obsession? I guess I'll never know.

I felt a little guilty since we made it to the City Hall before the second quarter started, so we missed the first few moments of the game. JP told us that a player injured his left foot when he landed after jumping.

He just joined Montessori's Varsity Team last August, so it was pretty understandable that the name on his jersey isn't his. By the way, what does the number "23" stand for? Don't players get to choose their own numbers are are they credited to a player's position on the team? JP's the power-forward - does 23 make sense? Or are the numbers completely random?

For some reason, the camera wasn't cooperating very much. I had it on the "sports" mode on the dial, but I guess, it had to be on a tripod to lessen the blurs. Next time.

The area was a little private, so not many people were present, save for some supporters from both teams. It was also annoying that the area had no ventilation whatsoever. Sure, there were large windows, but no fans or air-conditioners. I had to wipe sweat of my face and neck over and over while I took pictures and shot some videos! I'll remember to bring a small battery-operated fan next time!

In general though, I enjoyed their game. They're kids! It was fun seeing them have fun. It also brought back memories from my basketball experience at school last year for PE class. Haha. What fun. Oh, and it really helped to know what certain hand signals meant (a foul or box-in) and the basic rules to avoid violations. :)

See ya!
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