So this morning, we managed to go to school early and resume shooting for our Claymation or stop-motion animation.

The thing is, the shots weren't... satisfactory. Compared to our last shooting session, this was not productive. T___T Why?! I think we're doomed. I hope to God we are going to make the deadline. If not... well.

Here are some shots from our previous shooting session:

That guy up there (yeah, totally forgot to place the eyes) is our main character, "Kiko", the less fearful of the group. In this scene, he's supposed to hear something in the bushes and cautiously approach it. I think we'll be re-shooting this scene.

The three shots above were our first test shots of the same scene. We changed the ISO and the White Balance, and of course, the F-Stop or Aperture. We found the settings we liked, but (stupidly) we forgot to jot it down. Genius, right?

It;s like our minds aren't in the game exactly. We're physically there, but absent-minded about everything. We haven't been thinking straight, I... think?

The shoot this morning wasn't productive. Not very much. Two of us get along quite well, and we accomplish things, but when the other two arrive... things just get all "low-qualitied", if there's a word like that. I want to achieve perfection or something close to that, but there are others who don't see that as necessary for a good outcome. I don't want to hurt their feelings, and even if I so desperately want to tell them that they should raise their standards, I can't. I don't want to lose friendships, especially those which are extremely beneficial. (I'm not a user, okay? You know what I mean?)

I've been thinking lately that in order for our little group to function properly, I'll have to risk losing almost binding friendships. I have a lot of flaws too, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't make them see theirs, right? How should I tell them? I'm in a real muddle right now. I want our animation to be flawless, but I want to keep my friends too. How do I go both ways without freaking out first?

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