So this week, during the free time I had at school, I got to work on exploring traditional art, specifically with sign pens and water with regards to lines and patterns.

I've been an avid fan of artworks which look super detailed, and figured I should try experimenting in the same area. Being the "non-expert" that I am, I managed, though it may not be as perfect as the oh-so-great artists out there who specialize in this area.

Here's one of the few drawings I made:

See what I meant when I said "not as perfect"? Haha. Seriously, it took me a good 20 minutes to finish the doodles (tattoos?) on her body. It was a fun ride, even more when I realized that I wasn't using waterproof pens! I didn't know what effect water would have on the pen I used (Dong-A Gel pen) but I think it went quite well. You?

You see, I still have no art style yet. What I mean is, there's still nothing unique about my style to set it apart from other artists' works! I have multiple art influences, ranging from traditional pens, watercolours, markers to digital art, and I think a problem I'm facing is that all those styles are being incorporated in my artworks. I see a little bit of another artist here and there, but none which I could actually call my style.

A friend of mine told me that one of my signatures is "clean lines". Is it enough though? I mean, any artist can have fine lines if they work carefully enough, so how does that make me stand out?

I've been stressing about this fact for months now, and even a close friend of mine has run out of ideas to help me get over it. What would you suggest? Online forums give general suggestions and tips, but none of them have helped so far. Suggestions?

Thanks for hanging around!
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