It is officially September!

I noticed how many people have made their own "Hello, September" photos, so I figured I'd do the same this time. Haha. I know, I know - not original. What is, these days?

So why do I call September the "hell month" of this year? Well, let me list down the projects I need to do by the end of the month (ordered from the highest priority):

  1. finish out stop-motion animation project (Sept. 24)
  2. submit the run cycle for animation class
  3. submit the dance (free-form animation) project
  4. start & finish the comics for Philosophy on Plato (Sept. 16)
  5. finish the PowerPoint design for my presentation
  6. pass my oral exams in Literature Class
  7. finish scanning documents (teacher's favor)

There are a LOT more things I have surely forgotten to put on this list, but these alone consume a hell of a lot of time to accomplish. The stop-motion is the deadliest of them all, I think, which earned it the top spot on this priority list.

Aside from that, I'm trying to squeeze in more time to do commissions and finish entries I'm making for a contest on Deviantart, by Sept. 22, or else they'll give my spot to someone else. I'm also doing adoptables, characters which you can sell for real money or art trades or even DA points.

To top it all off, I'm sort of emotionally unstable right now, for some reason. Friendships are harder to maintain than romantic relationships. Sigh.

Still, I welcome you with open arms, September! Bring it on!
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