Ohayou! ^_^

IT HAS BEEN WAAAY TOO LONG SINCE MY LAST UPDATE, huh? Forgive my absence! School has been taking most of my time and, well, being an animation student, I HAD to focus on rigging and all those things we just HAVE to do for school. It has been exceedingly fun though, even if I missed blogging.

So... here I am with a new post, one that had my hands working the whole afternoon of yesterday.

Let me introduce my new-found painting style:

Yes, it's messier. And yes, it's watercolors. I love it though.

In comparison to most of my artworks (digital, clean, cartoonish even), this new, messy style was birthed from a day of laziness and willingness to experiment with the art materials I had at home. It's not something I'd normally do if I had enough time, but seeing that I haven't produced anything nice during this hectic month, I decided to give a new style a go.

It was actually a pretty weird feeling when I did this since I spent only about 5 minutes on each, with 2-3 colors of paint and a heap load of markers (the colorful one). I felt like a child again with all the doodling and the messy lines I did! It was a relief to be able to produce artworks with little effort, but quite a style. It DOES feel nice.

I created 5 artworks all in all yesterday on short-sized bond papers. When I showed my mom and cousin the papers, they both had the same reaction: why were all my portraits gloomy? Good question, I told them. But I had no idea why. Maybe it's a problem I've had for the past few weeks. Or maybe I just thought gloomy portraits would fit the messy style most. Whatever the case, I feel really good to have created something like this. It leaves more room for improvement though, and I'll have to look into it more in the next days.

'Til then, I shall savor the new experience.