Heya!!! How are all my lovelies doing? ^__^

First thing's first - I'm extremely sorry for not updating you guys about the happenings! You see, the whole last week of May and first 2 weeks of June were spent out of town, and with the relatives around, I had no time to spare (quite embarrassing though) for blogging. Now that everything's back to normal, I'm going back to "the posts". Hahaha.

Since the trips I've taken during the past 4 weeks or so each require a different blog post, I'll be sharing my latest album purchase with you guys. Ready?

So, this artist is a female. She has a great voice, pretty face, and has a tattoo of a cross on her right hand. If that's not much of a hint, try this: She sang "Don't Forget" and has acted on quite a few Disney films in the past.

Yep, it's Demi Lovato! *__*

She's sooo gorgeous on this album! Gaaahhh. I'm practically swooning over her right now! Yes, I've heard the album teaser on a website before (yes, the full album), but it's an entirely different story to have it physically.

I was walking in the mall last night with the family when I turned around and got a glimpse of the top of this album. Knowing that it might be "DEMI", i rushed over to the cd store and discovered that it was Demi's album indeed! I think I might have made a scene last night in my excitement (I remember laughing too loud and running to my mom like I was being chased). Anyway, the important thing is that I FINALLY have DEMI. After waiting for almost 2 weeks since its release in the US, it's finally a part of my collection. Yay!

If you guys aren't fans, it's okay, I'm not forcing you to like or love her and whatnot. I love the sound of her voice and herself as a person struggling in this world, like the rest of us. I relate to her story in a lot of ways, and look up to her as a role model.
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