Heya! How are you guys doing? I'm back for the second part of my trip to Legazpi!

So we left off at Ligñon Hill (see the post here), and had a little lunch at the top of that hill (awesome). After we had our fill, our next stop was at the Wildlife Park, which was just at the bottom of Ligñon Hill. The ride was a little under 10 minutes.

The Wildlife Park
As expected, the wildlife park had a lot of "wild life" in it - animals (thankfully NO creepy-crawlies). There were very few people due to the heat and time of the day, but for those who were there, they were obviously having some quality time with each other.

From here, I shall let the photos speak for themselves, though some I'll have to talk you through, haha.

Remember the song "The 12 Days of Christmas"? '
"Four calling birds, three french eggs, two green birds, and a partridge in a pear tree..."
Hahaha, it just came to me after seeing these two awfully cute birdies. :) Seeing them behind a metal cage though makes me so sad. Birds should be free and crazy and wild. Not kept in some cage at a local zoo.

This fellah was extremely noisy as we approached their section, and as he gripped the bars, I guess he felt the call of nature right at that moment and urinated. Hahaha. RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. Good thing it wasn't a shower.

This crow was no doubt a photo-addict. It kept following us and waiting for me to take its picture! Hahaha. Extremely photogenic, I say.

We circled other sections and decided to take our shoot to the water-side-with-bridge. As usual, mom just had to have her picture taken. :) Hahaha. What can I say? XD

Meet the driver who was patient enough to drive us around haha.

The snakes were by the exit (GENIUS, right?) so it was the last animal we saw before leaving. Don't let the photos fool you - they were LARGE. Very.

As it was too hot for us to stay longer, we immediately moved on the our next and final stop on our trip: Kawa-Kawa.

Pilgrim's Journey: Kawa-Kawa
As if we weren't tired enough, we made our way to the famous "Kawa-Kawa" (it's a term used to call a bowl-like container in the Bicol language) where people are said to come most during Holy Week (during April) to make a pilgrimage to the 12 stations of the cross. These 12 stations seem so far from one another due to the extremely tiring walk up a steep road.

The road doesn't look too hard to walk on, but trust me, when you visit this area and you're not well-prepared for a tiring hike, you're sure to NOT make it to the very top. Every step makes you feel heavier, with gravity pulling on you with each step. The scenery was very well done though, so if you're me who dig "scenery", you wouldn't mind the long walk.

One of the great things about this place is its chairs or rest areas. There are various places to sit down while you hike up, which is useful for when you feel too tired and need a short break. The photo above was taken at the first station.

I tried to take a picture of my brother while we rested and had our snacks but he made it almost impossible. Haha. Thanks to the continuous shot feature, I got to take this. Gah.

Our cousin. Camera-shy, but the color of her shirt was just right for the shot.

Steps like these are also found across the mountain, and it takes lesser effort to climb, compared to the normal road. Unfortunately, the steeper road is what you'll have to climb up on for most of the hike.

Mom only made it the third station, but I don't blame her. It really was a tiring walk, and we weren't prepared. Maybe next time, if ever. I really want to reach the top!

 You must be thinking: Won't I ever get a decent front photo of my brother? Hahaha. Yes, but not here, I guess.

We only made it to the third station (sadly) since I had to go to the bathroom (drats, haha) due to drinking too much water and had to leave early. I'm sure I want to go back there again, and this time, I'll complete the 12 stations, just to accomplish this "Kawa-Kawa". Those who've made it to the top have told us that there's a view from above that looks like a bowl when you peer over. I want to see that!

That day was pretty exhausting, but incredibly fun and new. I haven't been to these places, but thanks to our adventurous mom, I got to travel. If you ever plan on coming to the Philippines, these places would be really cool to visit.

'Til the next post!
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