I've been browsing the Playstore recently and came across a cool app that allows you to create your own fonts (TTF files), share them, and use them for anything you might need. See the app here.

I made a little note using the font I had created, which I named "Sweets". Yeah, yeah. Laugh at the name. Hahahaha. I did too. Genius.

I didn't create symbols, numerics, and punctuation marks in this set, but I made sure to complete the font pack the next time around. If you ever want to download the font, comment below and I'll gladly email you the complete font pack. I also take requests. *wink wink.

*Did the font on my tablet with the use of my own fingers. It got pretty tiresome during the last glyphs. Hahaha.

Here are two sources for fonts I often use for personal documents/projects:

1. Kevin and Amanda
2. DaFont

Enjoy font-hunting!
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