Hello again!

I feel like I've just been through 3 days of  partying. Since the 24th of this month, we rarely stayed at home, and if we did, we seemed to have meetings and baking sessions with mom's new oven. Not that I'm against baking. ;)

Last night, after church, we dined at The Avenue Plaza Hotel. Now it's been 3 or so days since I started a no-rice diet, so eating out has become sort of an issue for me. Not last night.

No, the cake wasn't mine. I had the Cucumber cooler (a mix of cucumber and honey) and the Caesar salad on the right. Normally, I wouldn't order only a salad - I'd have a main course like chicken with potatoes or Pasta Bolognese. Since I'm dieting, I've learnt to let go of those pleasures. I think I finished eating after an hour and a half.

What made this dinner special? Family!

My aunts from Switzerland and an uncle from Manila came over to spend a few days, and whenever there are visitors, special dinners are always expected (and that's not a bad thing).

From the top row: our cousin Liezel, aunty Margie, aunty Tita, my brother JP, mom, and uncle Ogot. (The selfies were in an all-time high during these photos.)

The crazy thing was that there was a debut going on in the function hall while we ate, and most of the attendees were teenagers (of course). They were soooooo noisy! I wanted to scold them for it since they were in a hotel and the situation called for sophistication and elegance. *Sigh.

I'm really, really thankful for my family, and not just because we get to have a good time and hang out in nice places. I'm thankful because they're all extremely down-to-earth people. They don't trade grandeur for a great time and great conversation, and they'd rather eat street food and share laughs than eat somewhere pretty and maintain such a cold atmosphere.

I love my family.