Hey ya'll!

I know it's a tad too early to be blogging about my day, but it's been one of the really good ones! I don't know if you've noticed why I'm so pumped up but... I JUST WATCHED MALEFICENT AND IT WAS FREAKIN' PERFECT! (I had to type that in all caps.)

I'm not even sure if I'll write a proper review about this awesome movie, but if I do, expect full stars.

So Maleficent is the villain from Disney's The Sleeping Beauty. As a kid, I both loved and disliked her. I didn't like the fact that she cursed Aurora (she's one of my favorite Disney princesses, by the way) but I loved all the other things: her color combination, her staff, her "fabulous-ness", and others. If I had an alter ego, I'd be her.

When I finished watching Maleficent this morning, I realized how many angles a story can have, and how a fairy tale could turn into a plot for revenge. I also realized how awesome it would be to have her as my aunt. Hahahaha.

photo from Google images

Watching the film gave Maleficent a whole new look. I love the fact that Disney is slowly working the stories from all angles, in how love should be perceived and what true love could ultimately be (if I go further, I might give away a spoiler).

It was nice that I actually related to her. She was feisty, a little bit of a b-word, and incredibly seductive without effort. (Ehemm.) But seriously - I could really relate. Just... If you watch the film, you'll understand whatever it is I'm raving about.

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Also, I applaud Angelina Jolie for her performance as Maleficent. I can't think of anyone else who would look good with Maleficent's features. The lips, the eyes, the fabulous cheekbones - Angelina had them right to a "T". She fit the role perfectly and executed it well, and she gave Maleficent a softer demeanor.

photo from Google images

If you haven't watched this spectacular movie yet, I BEG you to watch it. It's worth watching over and over. I guarantee it.