For all the time I spend in front of the computer, I come up with this. Yes. Here's 10 seemingly-dirty-words-but-really-aren't list (in no order). You're welcome.

1. Masticate
    What it sounds like to me:  what sex-deprived teens do under the covers
    What it really means:  to grind, crush, or chew food

2. Tittle
     What it sounds like to me:  the cherry on top of the "cake"
     What it really means:  the dot above "i" or "j"

3. Interrobang
     What it sounds like to me:  hitting the love bed. 
     What it really means:  a punctuation mark after an exclamatory rhetorical 
                                         question >> ‽  (combine ? and !)

4. Angina
     What it sounds like to me:  the tiger just below the belt
     What it really means:  a condition in which spasmodic attacks of suffocating 
                                        pain occurs

5. Lucubration
     What it sounds like to me:  to make things incredibly... lubricated
     What it really means:  to seriously meditate or study 

6. Sexaginarian
     What it sounds like to me:  an expert in the sexual arts
     What it really means:  someone between 60-70 years old

7. Cockshy
     What it sounds like to me:  do I really have to explain this?
     What it really means:  the throw in a throwing contest

8. Futtock
     What it sounds like to me:  butt f*** (ehemm.)
     What it really means:  one of the ribs in the frame of a wooden vessel

9. Dripple
     What it sounds like to me:  when a liquid substance drips down the nipples
     What it really means:  weak or rare

10. Libation
     What it sounds like to me:  a surgical operation being done to the bottom drawer
     What it really means:  the pouring of a liquid offering as a religious ritual

Gah. I really think it's just the human mind that gives double-meaning to innocent words, like shuttlecock, hump, or exacerbate. I, for one, can think of other words that are NSFW if said out loud.

What other words do you know that seem dirty but are truly "innocent" in meaning?