The air is feeling crisp and the afternoon is just getting started. So, I've created a mini tutorial on how to combine/stitch together videos or/and audio in Adobe After Effects CS6. If you'd rather download a PDF for future offline help, I'll provide a link for you at the end of this post.

Enjoy and let's get cracking!

Things you'll need:
Adobe After Effects CS6 (or CS5.5)
Audio/Videos you want to put together
Time to polish things up

(Note: if the images are too small, you can hit "ctrl+" on your keyboard.)

Steps 1-8

Steps 9-14

Now wasn't that easy? It may not seem like it if it's your first time dealing with this software, but the more you do it, the faster these procedures will get. It'll be like second skin for you - trust me. :)

I originally made this for my dad who wanted to put together compilations of his favorite Bee Gees and Earth, Wind, & Fire videos, but I wanted to share this process with others too.

Comment on this post to suggest other tutorials you want me to make or send me a message through the "@" link at the top of this page. As I promised, here's the link to the PDF download for this tutorial.

Adobe AE Tutorial: How To Compile Videos/Audio

I hope you have fun stitching! ;)