Goood morning, sunshine!

This morning was an amazing start of my day. I really don't see how I could've lasted the past three years here in Naga without going to the gym and morning swimming. Really.

I don't think it'll ever be the same without this. Thank God for accessibility! ;)

So the first two days of June were okay to awesome. In a way, I hope it foretells what the remainder of the month is going to "feel" like. (Right now, our gay neighbors are having a karaoke sesh. Hahaha. They may not sound perfect, but their having fun is making me smile all over.)

Anyway... here's what happened last night, June 1.

Yeah. Hahaha. My mom did my make up for the first time - at night! I don't normally wear this much makeup. I only use the eye liner, powder, and a little bit of lipstick just to liven up my lips. However, just because I bought a few more "beauty products" I have no clue how to use (haha), mom decided to teach me a quick way to look all gathered up.


I wanted products from MAC, but I haven't found a seller here in Naga. BYS was available so I went with that brand. As I said, I'm still new to all this makeup scene, so I buy little by little. I might end up regretting buying useless stuff. :)

As for June 2 (today), I spent the whole morning at the gym and pool at the Avenue Plaza Hotel. I've been working out for almost a week now, and today was the first time I actually used my pool privileges.

Such an AMAZING morning. I had the pool all to myself until around 7am, and that's when a couple came over to swim, plus a Canadian hotel guest. My cousin and I are supposed to be going together, but her dad hasn't enrolled her into a gym+pool program yet. I wonder when that'll be. It gets a little lonely, at times.

Buuuut... another friend from school said she'll be tagging along on Thursday, so that's something to look forward to this week.

Have a happy Monday!

P.S. Oh, by the way, today's my brother's first day as a 7th grader in Ateneo High - and I'm so proud of him! I'm not sure if he took his phone with him, but if he did, I might just ask for some photos to share with you on tomorrow's post.