Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Casetify! (84th Happy Day)

Good morning!

Oh my, it's been this long? Sheesh, my sincerest apologies. Since school started, I've been juggling my personal hobbies and school projects (with strict deadlines!), and since I didn't do anything during the summer, getting back on track has been a real boulder.

But anyway, I've got super exciting news to share -- I finally received my personalized Casetify Iphone Hard Case yesterday! It was supposed to arrive next month, but it came in really early! Gah.
I was at the gym when my mom texted me about receiving a package from Singapore. It didn't ring any bells at first so I asked what it was about, and my head totally got blown off. The moment I read mom's text about 'Casetify', I tried to stay a bit longer and work out (playing it cool seemed to calm my nerves).

When I did get home, it was the first thing I looked for.

I used my Instagram photos to fill up the template I chose, and here's what it looked like afterwards. The quality is amazing.

I'm definitely going to refer Casetify to my friends. Once this wears out (which I feel will be years from now), I'll be buying from them again.

Thanks, Casetify! (Click to go to their website!)

P.S. Thanks for giving me the funds, daddy! :3 Hahaha.

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