:) It's good, for a number of reasons.
It's also the birth month of my lovely mom. <3
What should we get her?

Today is the day before our midterms, and I still have no idea of what we're going to take a test on. Seriously, this is freaking me out. So why am I telling you all about this instead of studying my brain out? Beats me. :I argh.

I can feel my eyes slowly drooping as I fix the teaser of Intrams for ADNU, and thankfully, I'll just have to wait for the results from our department head. :)

Oh, and I just remembered: It is NECESSARY for me to WAKE UP EARLY tomorrow, for all the important reasons. Gahhh! :)

Praise God for the strength and wisdom! I wouldn't get through this without Him, and He has never failed me even in the most overwhelming of circumstances. <3 I love you Lord! Thanks for being with me and my family all the time! Thank you for providing our every need and for ensuring our health and safety! Thank you, thank you!