If my title makes you think I am somehow disappointed of this fact, think again. LOL. I am super excited for this month to arrive, mainly because so many things are going to happen!

1. Midterms.

Yes, the first week of the month is scheduled for our midterms, which is 20% of our grade this semester. It's no pressure really, but of course, it's a great feeling to be able to be on top of the class right? I'm really trying my best to always have high grades and hopefully be included in the PL or DL at the end of the sem. :)

2. Oraa vacation.

The Oraa's are my cousins. And yes, they hail from the UK. Haha. I'm really itching to talk to them and really be with them in the flesh because it's been years, YEARS, since we were together. I hope we won't have any awkward firsts when they arrive! ;P I can immediately think of ways to hang out with them, especially AJ, that cute doll! :D

3. Org Activities.

As I aforementioned, I am a member of a few clubs at school, and both have a lot of activities planned for the month. Let's start with ALA.
ALA has three planned events, namely, Idea Generation Seminar, Paper Cup Session, and the TBA (Team Building Activity). I've already confirmed by attendance in the first event, but I'm still unsure with the last two. :( Hope I can decide soon though.

The other club is SSG. As a member of the communications department, I was tasked to make a teaser (second wave) for the INTRAMS also this August. I haven't started it yet, but I already have an idea. The thing is, what I plan to draw is often not what comes out on the paper. I wonder why? Poor concept perhaps?

So there.

Adios! :D I'll make another post after this one.