How long has it been since I made my last real, fruitful, sensible blog post? Not in a while that's for sure. But hey, you guys can't blame me if I no longer have enough time to update this blog of mine! College life is busier (but more fun) than I expected it to be. I am having the time of my life.

So right now, there's a tropical storm in the Philippines, Bagyong Juaning. When I woke up this morning, I had a gut feeling that classes would be cancelled due to the harsh weather but still, I woke early and started texting all my classmates, asking if they would be going to school today. No one replied. Perhaps they were still asleep, I concluded, and this was later verified when those people I texted sent a group message saying they just woke up at 10 a.m. Wow.
My mom kept assuring me that there would be no classes. I was starting to panic when no one replied, and thankfully, our 24-hour internet still hadn't expired. Navigating to the FB ADNU-SSG page, I realized that all my worrying was for nothing. Just minutes after logging in, the moderators posted an official message from our University President stating that classes are suspended. I was relieved as hell.

Then, in about an hour, another update appeared on my Facebook feed. "Dress Up day is cancelled. We can't schedule it for next week either because its Midterms week. Keep posted for updates." Okay, that wasn't exactly how the message was posted, but you get the idea. The Dress Up Day was scheduled for tomorrow, July 27 (btw, DUD is when you dress up in a corporate attire, much like how you would dress up for work). We were all relieved and my classmates posted their reactions on our group page. *sigh. Such happenings. :)

Apart from that, the internet was surprisingly fast unlike the other days. Literally faster. :) Oh, and I am also so relieved to not have classes today because I'm still not prepared for the lessons. Yes, our teachers are proving to be evil (LOL).

So yeah. I guess that's all for now aye?
Maybe I can squeeze in more blogging time in the future.