Friday decides the vibe of the semester break.

Today decided my fate in the Animahenasyon, an annual animation festival/contest involving all the animation universities in the country.

One of the requirements to be submitted before 12 noon today was our matriculation form, or proof of enrollment. Fortunately for me, I LOST MINE (which I later found among mom's things, inside the bag, inside a pack of bond paper). So, I had to go through the process for re-printing that form. I thought it would only cost 50 pesos, but surprisingly, I had to pay 75. Wow. Even printing fees inside the school experience inflation. :/

As if this didn't bug me out enough, I had to pay at the treasurer's office, which was at that time already dealing multiple, long lines of students paying their tuition. Wow. Couldn't I just pay directly in the Registrar's office? So inconvenient.

So anyway, there was NO WAY I was going to make it by 12 noon if I joined the line, so I called a classmate whose mom worked in the treasurer's office. Long story short, I was able to pay the fee thanks to said classmate, but a few students who were in line complained to a guard nearby and we were told off. I felt guilty, but not enough to cringe inside. They didn't know me, and I doubt I'll see them any time soon.

Just... today was such a hassle. We had a meeting at 9:30 am, followed by a xerox session inside the department office. We were a crowd in there, all lining up to get their matriculation forms and ID's photocopied. Thank goodness that's all over now.

Now that I'm done with half of my projects, I took half the day to fix my work station. I'm not a klutz, but my desk was a mess. I started with this:

And happily ended with this:

Clean as a jar. Yep. I feel proud about how productive I was today, haha. This rarely happens by the way. Rare means a few times a month. So yeah. It feels squeaky clean again. I just hope I don't mess it up tomorrow morning.

In other news, I finished a project today. I'm 2 out of 4 done! We had to create a business and create a letterhead, business card, brochure, envelope, and newsletter and print them out for submission. After an hour of editing, I did this.

Sorry if I can't post a clearer copy. My address isn't quite ready to be seen yet. I'm a little disappointed with how the brochure turned out. I wanted it bigger, but my resources aren't that many, so I had to make do with a standard short-sized special paper.

This post is just photos. Haha. That's all the time I have guys! Post more in a few.

Have an awesome day / night / afternoon!