Hello blogging-slash-internet world! I'm writing under the comfort of my blanket on the bed, while the rest of the house has resigned to their dreams some minutes ago. I don't know why I just said that but hey, I'm doing free-styling tonight. *wink *wink.

Today was extremely flat, since I had nothing better to do than fix my tab and watch Pewdiepie and iiSuperwomanii videos all day. But, of course there was a part of my day which I could say was the highlight of it all, and no doubt in the coming days as well.

Again, I got around to discovering websites out of curiosity and need. Here are three websites I've fallen in love with during the past week.

(Note: Listed in the order I discovered them, haha.)

1. COURSERA (http://www.coursera.org)

Right after the semester ended, I grew restless and a little tense to not be doing anything (sad, because I did a lot of complaining that I needed a break from everything) so I went online and started surfing for online classes. I had only three important rules: they had to be interesting (in my line of interest of course), they had to be free, and they had to be short.

Fortunately, I found Coursera a few days before my first enrolled class, The Moralities of Everyday Life by Paul Bloom (Yale University) started. I have to say that after the first week, I can't seem to stop. October 12th was the deadline for all the Week 1 activities and quizzes, and just this evening, I received an email that Week 2 is now in progress. Super excited!

In my excitement in everything, I enrolled in 2 more courses, both of which came from Berklee College of Music and started today. I did my Songwriting course this afternoon, and tomorrow, I might start the Intro to Guitar one, which I'm stoked to be enrolled in.

These courses are free, and I do get a certificate of completion once everything's done, but I won't be able to put that down on my resume. Sadly, I'll have to pay around $49 to get a verified, accredited certificate from the university (and have the right to place that achievement on the resume), but I don't have that much money, especially not for three courses. I'll have to find a way though.

If you have lots (or little) time on your hands, enroll in an online class. Go to Coursera.

2. YUGOP (http://www.yugop.com)

THIS SITE THOUGH. The first few minutes I was inside, I didn't know what to make of it. Really. I still can't explain it to you right now. It's just a fun website where I get to play around with what's on screen, also depending on what you choose and stuff. There are heaps to fiddle with. I can't believe how creative people can get. Such awesomeness.

I really can't say much about it because you'll have to see for yourself. Admittedly, I did get bored after a couple of tries, but it may just be me.

3. LIVE SCIENCE (http://www.livescience.com)

Okay, so I haven't hopped around the site for a long time (since I did just find it around two hours ago) but it looks neat enough for me to spend hours on it. Here's the first thing you'll read when you go to their website:

Life's Little Mysteries answers fascinating questions about the world around you and the stuff in it, from things in the news and on your mind to crazy questions you didn't even know you had. Our team of experienced reporters and editors do serious research while having loads of fun explaining the world's objects and phenomena, both natural and man-made.

That about dragged me into it.  Want to know why the sky is blue and "why does the moon shine"? Head over to LiveScience. You'll thank me later (haha).

There you have it! Tomorrow, I'm planning to go out for a walk 'cause I'm getting tired of my office chair and workstation. I want to explore Naga City (and maybe play a little Ingress on the way) but I'm having doubts about bringing my DSLR with me. The streets, even in daylight, aren't totally safe. My mom has a day off on Friday, and she offered to tag along, but I'm aching to go out tomorrow. We'll see what I decide tomorrow. ;)

Good night / Good morning / Good afternoon! :)