Today was spent sitting in front of the PC (again! *sigh) watching Pewdiepie and downloading/purchasing books from Kobo onto my tab. I wanted to go for a walk today(as I said in my previous blog post) but it rained, and I realized in the morning that my camera was almost out of power. Bummer.

Is this my life right now?!

It's not like bad bad, but I had grand plans today. I'm going to have to do a rain check tomorrow morning and see if I can go out then. I feel effing restless. Months of being stressed and having little to no sleep has settled into what I would call "normal" and now that I have a lot of time, I don't know what to do with it! Yeah, I read books and surf the net, and I do have online classes to study for, but I'm getting sooooo bored. :( Really.

Random things on my mind:

  • Why isn't the sky candy pink?
  • Why do rainbows only come out after the rain?
  • I need to buy a new graphics tablet. (Too urgent)
  • I wish I could record an album soon.
  • Why don't I have an art style yet?
  • Why do I suck at design? :(
  • Should I set up an Instagram for business?
  • I want to go to Paris right now. RIGHT. NOW.
  • I wish the semester break lasts for a month at least.

Yup. As you probably guessed, I had no direction for this post whatsoever. I just didn't want to break writing again, since that's all I've mostly done and I feel really guilty. Also, to make up for such a tasteless post, here are some pink, adorable things I found on one of my favorite sites ever, WeHeartIt.

I really am SO in love with pink. Anything that's pink always catches my eye whether it's a dress, a notebook, heels, anything. I even find a hard time deciding which book to buy just because one is pink and the other is not (though I like the story of the not-pink book). By the way, I haven't tried the strawberry-banana frappe from Starbucks yet. I feel like once I do, I might always keep ordering it.

I'll leave this post at that for now. I want to do so many things tomorrow, I only hope I wake up early and energized for it. I don't want to stay at home and watch Youtube videos all day again