There's exactly 6 days until this semester is finally over, and all the sleepless nights and starved-out days will be accounted for. Of course, it would have been too easy for the academe to just let its students walk away into bliss stress-free, so they've given us projects (that will also - no doubt - take up our dear sleeping hours).

But, hey - I'm talking about a few more days until I can sleep in again! I should be excited. There's still a bajillion things to do though. Ah, freedom. You're so hard to catch these days.

In other news, my graphics tablet is not functioning anymore. It's been almost 5 days I think. I just hate it when you need to use something and that object decides to become useless at the same time. Ugh. I wonder when I'll be able to buy a new one? :/ I have my eyes set on a small sized Intuos Pro from Wacom, but I'm not about to pressure my parents for it. I might just borrow a friend's.

In other, other news, my animated TV commercial was one of the chosen few to be an official entry for this year's Animahensayon! *Squeal! Hahaha. I was NOT expecting it to be chosen by our professors. I didn't even fix my animation. Even the sound design sucked. So why was it chosen?! My best bet would be the story concept, but still. How? But I'm not complaining.

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This post was meant to be yesterday's, but I got behind schedule. Bummer.