Okay, so I've been on the internet for more than 24/7 this week, and have been reading a lot of hate for Ariana Grande (read: perfection) on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and a lot of other celebrity sites. So here's the deal: I'm going to defend her in the best that I can.

(Note: I could practically do the same thing for Demi Lovato, but there has been more issues around Ariana these days that I just can't "Let It Go". Wink, wink.)

Just listen to her music! Everything from her singles, to "Yours Truly", to her latest album "My Everything" is the bomb. And for those who say she needs to enunciate her words - it's a personal style. Artists have their way of creating a distinct sound and I'm guessing this is just how Ari does hers. Even in her interviews, she talks relatively the same way when singing. Personally, I don't even think she sounds like Mariah. Sure, she has moments, but most of the time, you can tell who's who on the radio.

Also, haters who say she isn't even half as good as Mariah (who by the way is also one of my favorite artists) don't need to say that. Everybody knows that Mariah is the queen of the whistle register and Christmas albums! Ariana is new to the music scene, and comparing two incredible artists is like comparing freshly made wine to one that has been tried and tested through the years - YOU CAN'T. They're both good at what they do in their own ways.

Another point haters are making is that Ariana's signature half-pony hairstyle and short, glittery dresses are making her look like a 12-year-old wearing hooker clothes. FYI, your perverted mind is making all that 12-year-old crap issues. She may look younger than 21, but NOT 12! I'd agree with 17 or 16 at most, but 12?! I do suggest that Ariana should wear her hair down more often as she looks prettier and more her age, as many others suggest as well. Frankly, I don't care how she wears her hair. Ariana is Ariana, regardless of hairstyle.

I've also been seeing comments about how Ari can't sing. Some have even called her "fake" and plastic. Now, I haven't met her in person or have hung out with her (duh) but it isn't right to judge someone from what you see on television. This goes for every celebrity, whether it is Bieber, Selena, Kim Kardashian, etc. Sure, they've made some pretty big (stupid and unthinkable) decisions, but they still deserve respect.
As for Ariana's singing - have you people ever sung like her? Like, really reached those notes and not sound like a dying whale? Of course, reaching high notes doesn't make you a singer, but that's all part of it. Ariana CAN sing live (whether you believe it or not) and I'm sure she can out-sing you any day. (SIDE NOTE: Can I have a duet with you, please Ari? <3 disappoint.="" i="" p="" swear="" t="" won="">
Bottom line is, Ariana is only one of the many artists out there who are receiving hate just because people have nothing better to do. We see the one flaw that should be unnoticeable in a group of exalting qualities in a person and that's where it starts. Soon, you start picking on them probably because they have something you don't. Then you become a hater.